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Raising capital through a token event

All projects need funding and at Jeskei we've decided that since the project is a decentralised community led project then the right way to raise capital is through a token event.

A token raise not only raises capital for the project but puts JaK tokens in the hands of community members with JaK tokens being used to pay for services and take part in governance through the DAO.

We are seeking to raise around 2.5 million USDC or equivalent in other tokens which will be used to fund the development and business teams as well as create incentives for content creators to begin adding content early.

Initial allocation of tokens

20% Sale

40% Content Producers

40% Operations / Founders

A mission from the Founder

"People have love to be entertained whether they're being taken away to fantastical far away places on the big silver screen or just sharing in the lives of others through online streaming services. At Jeskei we seek to build an environment that support that while encouraging and helping more people to let out their creative side while earning fairly from all their efforts."

- Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall, Founder of Jeskei
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